United Telehealth integrates their telemedicine services into existing processes and workflow, crearting a seamless experience for hospital staff and patients. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for over a decade, first in developing their branding and collateral and later in re-designing their latest website.

Brand Design

For their branding, the UTS team wanted something approachable and forward-thinking but also professional and rooted in the traditional medical space.  Through a series of brand workshops, I developed the idea of a tree branching out from the company name.  This symbol represents growth and a diversity of services while also anchoring the brand to something recognizable.  The serif font of the company name is timeless and clean, creating a strong sense of professionalism.

For the color pallet, I leaned into the blue and green colors most commonly associated with a medical brand – giving their potential customers a visual familiarity.

UX / UI Design

The latest iteration of the United Telehealth website provides a clean, focused look at UTS’s services and process, while making it easier for users to engage.