Music plays a crucial role in media consumption, providing increased opportunities for musicians. Drawing inspiration from co-founder Josh Collum’s fifteen-plus years of experience in sync, “The 12 Laws of Sync” equips musicians with the skills to break into the industry. Our team created the branding, website, videos, workbook, and poster, all included in the course.

Brand Design

Sleek and modern, with bold typography and a color palette that exudes confidence and creativity. The imagery used throughout emphasizes the importance of music in media, with visuals that convey both emotion and technical precision.

Photography & Direction

We aimed to create a casual and engaging learning experience through the videos of “The 12 Laws of Sync.” Shot in high-definition with attention to lighting and framing, the videos feature co-founder Josh Collum sharing his expertise in a conversational manner. The editing process included on-screen graphics and B-roll footage to keep the videos interesting and engaging, resulting in a feeling of intimacy and connection between Josh and viewers.

UX / UI Design

We evaluated a long list of learning management systems (LMS) to find the best fit for class management and user experience. Using the LearnWorlds platform, we built to host the main course, manage subscriptions and scale for future classes.