PanaSea is changing the world (literally) by building a sustainable, commercial aquaculture facility off the coast of Panama. We entered the picture right at the beginning, helping co-founder and CEO Dave Grossman develop the branding, website, prospectus and collateral to attract investment.

Brand Design

The inspiration for PanaSea is Sustainable & Honest with a modern minimalism feel. The Sans-serif font creates a clean, scientific look while the icon evokes a medical cross made out of sea cucumbers.

Each color represents an aspect of the ocean and creates an environmentally friendly tone while also being professional and creating trust.

Collateral Design

Sea cucumbers are a difficult topic to educate an audience on. Working with the PanaSea team, we developed multiple pieces of collateral including infographics, investor pitch decks and ebook pages.

Web & UX/UI

In designing and building the first PanaSea website, we took a minimalist approach to allow the the information and imagery to flow in a clean, approachable user experience.

PanaSea Website